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our trees are rooted in american history

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our trees are rooted in american history


our trees are rooted in american history

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American Heritage Trees Certificate of AuthenticityAMERICAN HERITAGE HISTORICAL TREES

American Heritage Trees combines our nation’s historic heritage with conservation. Each tree we sell offers a special significance in American history and tells an interesting story about U.S.Presidents, explorers, writers, and other key figures in our Nation’s history. Our work is undertaken in partnership with the parent tree owners. As a nonprofit, we hope to serve as a catalyst to educate Americans about their rich national heritage and provide an opportunity to own a piece of American history.

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Each tree has a story and historical significance.


When you plant a tree it becomes a lasting memorial of a loved one or honors a special event. An American Heritage tree can be purchased for a unique housewarming gift or as an opportunity to teach history and conservation together.

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