Garden and Gun Magazine features American Heritage Trees

Preservation Propagators Tom and Phyllis Hunter Living on seventy-five acres in Lebanon, Tennessee, once owned by Andrew Jackson might provide enough sense of history for most people. For Tom and Phyllis Hunter, it’s just a start. The property is now home to American Heritage Trees, the couple’s venture to propagate and sell saplings from seeds

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Saplings share history of iconic Americans

By Ken Beck, The Wilson Post Inside a 30-foot-by-60-foot structure near Gladeville, a miniature forest of 5,000 saplings reaches skyward, each plant biding its time, awaiting the opportunity to help pass along the story of a great American. About one year ago on their Rice Farm at Riceland, Tom and Phyllis Hunter took the initial

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Trees that witnessed American History

by Larry Bleiberg, Special for USA TODAY American history has deep roots, especially if you visit sites where trees have borne witness to significant events and people. “It’s a living connection to the past, a living legacy,” says Tom Hunter, who runs American Heritage Trees, which grows descendants of many famous trees. He says National

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