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In 1932, after winning the presidency for the first time, Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered a six-room Georgia pine house to be built on his property in Warm Springs, GA. This house was his retreat throughout his presidency and became known as the Little White House. During FDR’s presidency and the Great Depression, he developed many New Deal Programs based upon his experiences in this small town. Our FDR Loblolly Pine grew from a tree that stands on the property of the Little White House in Warm Springs.

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Warm Springs – Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Little White House

At Warm Springs, Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32nd president of the United States found the strength to resume his political career and a positive outlet for his own personal struggle with polio. Roosevelt loved Warm Springs and built the Little White House in 1932 while governor of New York. The Little White House is an unpretentious house built from long leaf pine trees surrounding Warm Springs, Ga.  The long leaf pine was one of Roosevelt’s favorite trees because of its strength and use in building.

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